Open source contribution

Open source contribution


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I have been into open source for quit a long time but I did not actively take any part in any open source project. Because for me finding a project to contribute was a hectic job . But for past couple of days I am trying to change that mentality of mine and in doing so I found a project that I was excited to contribute to.

Check out the project.

When I found the project on github I went straight to the issue tab and found a issue that I felt I could contribute to. So I commented on it saying that assign this issue to me and lucky It got assigned to me .

A Little Twist in the tail

At first I thought it was a development issue but then after asking some question I found out that it was a designing job and the fun part is I don’t even know the A of web designing. I just know that we have a software called figma for creating the designs for web.

I have been using figma to convert the design to html/CSS but never did I design any thing on figma. Luckily the job was not that tricky. So I watched some tutorial related to my use case and tried building a figma design. And after some work loaded hours I finally got the design ready to share for the issue. The design still have some improvements to do but I am really excited for the task.

I will update you folks once I complete the design but if you want to take a look at the design right now you can go to this link.

This is what I love about open source. Before this issue I thought that I was incapable to design anything but now I am starting to feel like I can take up this job as well. When doing open source you are not bound to share the skill that you have already mastered but you can also learn new skills.

I know building a single page design doesn’t make me a designer but its a start and you never know where you might end up once you take the first step.


I hope this article inspires you to get into the vast world of open source and contribute the evolution of the IT industry and in doing so enhance your skills as well.